Private Day Care Center "Pasitos" is located in a convenient and communicative place,
in one of the most green and clean areas of the capital, namely kv.Boyana.

Children have a safe yard and a children's playground,
equipped with specialized play facilities,

age-matched and children's needs for develop good coordination.

A homely house that creates complete comfort and convenience,
has spacious and sunny rooms for sleep, games, eating and education.

Kindergarden is the little school and the great beginning for the youngest, namely, our children.
Here they live, play, study and sing. Together we grow and dream!

Dear parents,
we also have children and we are well aware of these fears and issues like:
"Made I the right choice for kindergarten, will my child be fine and happy there,
Will they care for my child well? Will I miss my child? "
As parents we can tell you that you will always miss it,
no one can care for the child better than his parents
although here we perform methods of proper upbringing,
only at home the child can get quality caresses.
It loves you as well as you!