Private Day Care Center "Pasitos" invites you to its opening, which will be held on 03-September (Monday) 2018.

Children and parents together can get acquainted with the games, the fun and the team that await them at the children's center.
During the on-site visit, parents will have the opportunity to feel the spirit and warmth with
which the children's center welcomes and sends their little children.

Will also be able to get acquainted with the conditions for rearing, education and training of children.
Children's Center "Pasitoos", formed groups for children from 1 to 5 years of age.
There is a possibility for a half-day or full-day stay of the child.

The food comes from certified children's kitchen, the menu is varied and the fruits are included every day.
We know that choosing a kindergarten is important and difficult.
We will be glad if your decision is to become part of our family!

Necessary Documents 

Copy of your child’s birth certificate

Medical Record

Letter from your GP 

Copy of Contract 

Proof Of Address/ Contact Information for the Parents 

Necessary Items

Afternoon nap pyjamas 

A set of extra clothes 

Indoor shoes or slippers 

Children can bring their own toys or items 

Diapers (if your child needs them)